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With you, we can design your perfect outdoor kitchen. Installed in one day!

Transform the way you live outdoors. You only want to build an outdoor kitchen once, so why not choose the best? Cubic luxury outdoor kitchens are made in Germany by a business with over 50 years experience manufacturing outdoor furniture. The unique Cubic material is long-lasting and does not need a roof. Utensils will be stored safely in weatherproof drawers, cupboards & storage spaces.

Our mission is to deliver an indoor-like but weatherproof outdoor kitchen with innovative cooking methods to any garden or terrace. Made for our demanding climate, Cubic is weather-proven and will provide dry and vermin-free storage 24/7. It's not metal so it needs no maintenance and we offer the industry's best warranty. We will work with your garden designer or nearest independent Cubic Design Store to provide a perfect outdoor kitchen.


Cubic kitchens are made for those who appreciate good design and quality construction, have a passion for outdoor cooking and demand a superior outdoor experience. They are compatible with all the top outdoor appliance brands - Fulgor Milano, Barazza, Green Egg, Fogher, Gozney, Wolf, Flammkraft, Monolith, Indu+, Napoleon, Beefeater, Delivita and Alfaforni.

And there's really no reason to be subject to a one-colour policy. Choose from ten standard cabinet colours - or any RAL colour at extra cost - and an exquisite range of innovative, hygienic ceramic finishes for our unique worktops.


We will build you a truly individual and perfect kitchen.

We offer the industry's best warranty.


Chosen to be the Renson NOA exclusive kitchen partner in the UK & Europe.

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