The Full Story


All around the country you will find expert CUBIC Showrooms and Cubic Partners.


There are two types of authorised CUBIC showroom, those that display one or more Cubic outdoor kitchens and those that show the full range of CUBIC Outdoor Living products such our garden furniture - we call them CUBIC Design Stores.

Then there are hundreds of Cubic Partners - garden designers, landscapers, architects and luxury property developers - who can help you to specifiy your garden project.  Think of us as your portal to this plethora of expertise.



Our mission is to deliver a bespoke contemporary outdoor kitchen & innovative cooking methods to your garden. Made for our demanding climate, CUBIC is weather-proven and will provide dry and vermin-free storage 24/7. We will work with your garden designer or nearest independent Cubic Design Store to provide your perfect outdoor kitchen.


Cubic kitchens are made for those who appreciate good design & quality, have a passion for outdoor cooking and demand a superior outdoor experience. In addition, our resellers offer all the top outdoor appliance brands - Green Egg, Flammkraft, Monolith, Indu+, Napoleon, Beefeater, Delivita, Alfaforni, Fulgor Milano and Barazza.

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