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Fulgor Milano                                                                    Napoleon Prestige                                                     Flammkraft Block D


And the best of European contemporary design

Trust Urban Outdoors to deliver the best of design and the best of great cooking.

We've chosen not to go down the route of bigger is better, or more bells and whistles are more impressive. Whilst we can supply just about any brand of suitable grill, we've selected the best of European and North American design to complement the beauty of a bespoke Cubic outdoor kitchen.

Our European Fulgor Milano 1000 and Flammkraft Block D built-in grills are made by Italian and German craftsmen to a quality not seen outside of the European continent. Using marine-grade stainless steel these grills will be happy in the countryside, by the coast or in the city..Take a look at the streamlined Italian styling of our Fulgor Flat.


If you'd like to add a little pizazz why not take a look at the Napoleon Prestige range in a helpful range of sizes to suit any aspiring outdoor chef.


Or - better still - what about these special order Fulgors finished in black?










And - best of all - when purchased with a Cubic kitchen, you'll get Trade pricing.

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