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You probably want an outdoor kitchen that brings friends and family together around food and flames. 

We do all that, and much, much, more. Working at the cutting edge of outdoor entertainment design, only Cubic would bring you the Outdoor Pantry. More than just a storage unit, this creation is revolutionising the way designers and landscapers will think and work in the future. It can incorporate a sink with hot water option, a fridge or a dishwasher.

Consider this - take a Pantry and add a Cubic Island for cooking, with plenty of space for food prep and a great BBQ grill.

A kitchen that doesn’t worry about our British climate. A kitchen that can be designed to fit into just about any space, from a roof terrace in London or into a large garden in the countryside.




Put everything inside. In the CUBIC BOX your cushions and pillows will find a safe place all year round. Whether it's raining, stormy or snowing - the cushions in the box will be well protected in all weathers. The special ventilation system prevents condensation and odours without water entering the box. To ensure that all your cushions can be stored comfortably, we will be happy to adapt the box exactly to the amount of cushions you have.


Flexibility for all applications is offered by the CUBIC SIDEBOARD. Inside the cabinet is a lot of bespoke storage room for all the small things you wish to keep immediately to hand. You can use the top as storage surface or with the optional ceramic top it gets a full-fledged worktop for your garden work and can match your Cubic outdoor kitchen. It is also a perfect addition to an existing kettle grill. Inside is enough storage room for barbeque tongs, aprons and all the additional equipment, so there is enough space to prepare all the delicacies on the top.


Our CUBIC CUPBOARDS are an impressive miracle of storage. Bespoke to your existing space on site, all your garden utensils, brooms, rakes or shovels will find place in it. Of course, all the CUBIC CUPBOARDS are equipped with our unique air ventilation system, so they are perfect for big cushions from sun loungers, for example. As the footprint can be quite small, you can optimise the use of your terrace.





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