Cubic Outdoor kitchen-in-a-table
The CUBIC KITCHEN IN A TABLE is a very special outdoor kitchen. With its extraordinary design this kitchen combines functionality and pure elegance.

This variant of our CUBIC OUTDOOR KITCHEN combines the dining area with the cooking area. An induction hob is integrated into the ceramic worktop, which can be used in any weather. The CUBIC KITCHEN IN A TABLE is available in two different versions: with visible and alternatively with invisible hob.

One visible hob would be the high-quality outdoor Teppanyaki plate from indu+, our Belgian specialist. An alternative could be the unique invisible hob. In this case, three outdoor induction hobs will be installed underneath the ceramic top.

The hobs heat through the ceramic worktop. This gives the outdoor kitchen pure elegance and a very simple modern look. After use, the kitchen transforms into a cosy table for pleasant hours with family and friends.

Match a KIAT with our Pantry specified with a fridge and a sink (or our C2-style kitchen illustrated) and you have the perfect minimalist entertainment area. Just add music and lights!
Cubic C2 Outdoor kitchen-in-a-table
Cubic Outdoor Induction kitchen-in-a-table