Design your perfect Cubic outdoor kitchen here. 

An outdoor kitchen should be the epicentre of your entertaining space.

During the kitchen planning process, we ask you to consider exactly what you want to do, particularly because you will almost certainly intend to use it as a fully-functional, working area. 

For example, you will want to plan to cook or grill as a minimum, so your perfect kitchen needs to be safe and practical in terms of proximity to the food preparation area. 

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Then think about how many people you might want to cook for at a given time and what sort of food you like to provide. You might also want a separate space for dining or socialising - such as a breakfast bar - or somewhere family members can comfortably sit and chat to you whilst you cook.

We offer all these options and more:

  • a real fridge with ice-maker

  • Barazza designer sinks & taps

  • Quooker taps

  • beer/wine cooler

  • Cool drawer

  • dishwashers

  • lamella hardwood features

  • handle-less drawers

  • handle-less cupboard doors

  • soft-open/close drawers

  • fully hygienic worksurfaces

  • real wood drawer partitions

  • LED-lit drawers and work surfaces

  • The Cubic Pantry additional storage

  • The Cubic Kitchen-in-a-Table

  • Safe storage for your garden tools & garden furniture cushions

The 'waterfall' kitchen effect - a kitchen with a 'waterfall' design has a work surface that 'flows' over the side so that the counter top carries on vertically towards the floor. The waterfall edge can be implemented on one side of the kitchen, or an island can be 'wrapped', meaning the worktop carries on downwards on both end panels.

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