Warranty terms & conditions
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Cubic Outdoor Living have been making outdoor furniture for over 40 years. We are very confident of the quality of manufacture and the selection of the materials used in the construction of Cubic outdoor kitchens and furniture. Our warranty conditions enhance your statutory rights. Outside as inside - 365 days a year - rain, storm, snow, salt, sand or sun, the Cubic outdoor kitchen will withstand all weather conditions when properly installed.

Warranty claims for Cubic Outdoor Living products may be valid for up to 10 years from the date of delivery to a Purchaser, with the exceptions noted below, not from the date of installation. In the unlikely event of a claim, full details of any warranty issue must be reported in writing by the original Purchaser before any rectification procedure can be implemented, including the End User’s name and address, product serial number, original date of supply, installation date, the installer’s name and Gas Safe registration number (where appropriate). Telephone technical support is always available 8am-6pm. In the event of an issue, installers are encouraged to call 0207 183 1806 WHILST ON-SITE or to return to site for a telephone consultation.

The weatherproof Cubic material used for construction of the kitchen modules (cabinets) itself is guaranteed for 10 years against deterioration from climatic conditions when installed by an authorised installer and provided normal cleaning and annual maintenance has been carried out by the end user or their agents. Installation and user instructions are provided with every kitchen and any competent team should be able to provide a perfect installation.

For domestic use, all Cubic outdoor kitchen and furniture products, except for cushions, covers and fabrics (including textilines), are guaranteed for a period of five years against any manufacturing defect that may affect their sustainability for use. This applies to normal conditions of use and maintenance. The warranty of course includes metal components such as hinges and handles. These may on occasion show traces of rust, but functionality will not be impaired.

Our unique and hygienic ceramic worktop construction is also warranted for five years, subject only to the exclusion of accidental damage, mishandling during the unpacking or installation process or damage caused by contact with acidic products. The weatherproof warranty will only apply to a kitchen properly installed and installed with a Cubic worktop.

Appliances (such as BBQs, fridge, etc) are warranted by the original manufacturer, usually for two-five years. Warranty material is supplied by the original manufacturer or distributor. Contact your Cubic reseller in the event of an issue.

Warranty claims for kitchens which have been modified in any way without previous written approval by the factory are excluded and do not apply to visual imperfections resulting from the passage of time or normal wear and tear. Circumstances not covered by this warranty include, but are not limited to, the fading or change in the shade of colours, changes in wood texture, scratches resulting from normal use, etc. For non-domestic use, for example by the hotel and catering industry, condominium entertaining spaces and multiple users all Cubic products, except cushions, covers and fabrics, are guaranteed for a period of two years. This commercial warranty is subject to the same conditions as outlined above.

In all cases, any issues found to be caused by poor installation practice or End User error may be chargeable to the End User on the day at the Company’s discretion. Valid cosmetic issues are covered by repair or replacement of the component concerned. Photographs will be required in advance of authorising such a repair or replacement.